If you are selling or buying a home as part of a for-sale-by-owner transaction, being represented by a qualified and experienced real estate attorney can bring a lot of peace of mind to the transaction.

The website, ConsumerAffairs.com states: “Even if your state doesn’t have an attorney requirement, it’s often a good idea to hire one to protect yourself. Purchasing a home is one of the most important transactions of your life. A lawyer can look out for your best interests and answer any questions you have about the documents you’ll sign.”


Services may vary from state to state, or even by the firm. However, most real estate attorneys will support:

  • Contract Creation & Review
  • Title Searches
  • Title Insurance Policies
  • Closing Procedures

To learn more about how an attorney can protect your money, your liability, and your peace of mind, refer to our article, Do You Need A Lawyer For A Residential Real Estate Transaction? This article delves deeper into specific services provided by real estate attorneys and how to find a qualified lawyer to represent you.

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