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Corporate Clients

Corporate & Commercial

Investment, innovation, corporate responsibility – these are at the heart of successful companies. Let us help you incorporate, organize and provide security against risk. We represent clients on commercial transactions making sure you are protected and positioned to profit.


We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in commercial disputes, construction liens, bankruptcy and various other personal and business disputes. We appear before all levels of the Ontario and Federal Courts. We have resolved disputes through mediation and arbitration. Litigation is expensive. Our goal is to get you to a solution sooner rather than later, as efficiently as possible.


We advise clients on income tax, GST/HST, retail sales tax and property tax issues. We file and act on objections and appeals and appear before the Tax Court of Canada, the Federal Court and the Assessment Review Board.


We assist on trademark, copyright and patents by providing access and referrals to protect your intellectual property rights. We initiate on behalf of our clients and defend against claims for defamation, slander and libel including those annoying bad online business reviews. We advise on click-through agreements, licenses and royalty agreements.


We advise on compliance with the Environmental Protection Act including record of site condition, environmental assessments, contamination and remediation.

Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Proposals

Sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out. Bankruptcy, insolvency, restructuring and consumer proposals are an opportunity to hit the reset button. The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act is the starting point to determine the next steps when there is an inability to service debt and pay creditors. We’ll work with trustees in bankruptcy, banks, credit card companies and Canada Revenue Agency to help you overcome the challenges and put you in the best position possible to move ahead, start over and maintain your reputation.


We advise clients on development agreements, real estate transactions and absolute title. We advise on bids, construction contracts, liens and other disputes. We can help you incorporate and organize your company, create shareholder agreements and deal with sub-trades, contractors and employees. We will work with you to achieve success and maximize your profits on each and every job.

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